Monday, August 20, 2012

Not So Bad After All!

Last week on Friday was  our school Cross Country, the worst event of my life. I have never liked  Cross Country but I had no choice but to run the long course. Here goes nothing!

READY STEADY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the year 7 & 8 12 year old girls stormed down the field like a group of hungry predators chasing their prey. The field was really muddy and slippery that It felt like I was going to fall, lucky I kept my balance and carried on running. There were staff members standing at parts of the course cheering us on and helping us to keep on going. As I passed Miss Walters she was encouraging me by saying “go Mary”, that urged me to put some of my effort into the race. I stopped on the bridge and took a deep breath then power walked along the path of the Pt England Reserve. My shoes were really muddy! When I saw that I was getting closer to the finish line I ran until I finished the cross country track. All I wanted to do is finish it off properly, it wasn't so bad after all!

Thank you Vanila for checking my work!

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