Monday, June 20, 2011

Mary V TAllest Tower Animation

On the first week of term 2 we got told from our teacher to make a tall tower out of paper. I chose to work with my friend, Zion, Turuhira and Dante. Mr S gave us a meter of tape, glue, big pieces of paper and a pair of scissors. When we started building our tower it started out rough because the tape was sticking to our fingers,The tape finally came off and Zion had an idea. Her idea was to stand up four circular legs at the bottom with one leg laid down at the top, we decided to keep on doing it until it was tall but our plan didn't work. Time ran out and we still hadn't come up with another idea. In the last minute we thought of an idea but it was too late, we didn't have time to make it.

As we watched the other groups bring their tower to the mat we were shy because we were almost the only ones that didn't have a proper tower. Mateo’s group had the tallest and strongest tower out of all the groups in our class so they won.