Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stomach Churning

It was a bright and beautiful morning on Bianca’s birthday. Bianca woke up to a great start for her 15nth birthday, she got to choose her own breakfast! Her big sister’s present was a iphone 4s, now that she was old enough to have one. Bianca was really happy, she couldn't believe she finally has an iphone. Bianca’s grand parents brought her a big birthday cake and the number 15 for Bianca’s candle. Bianca didn’t know she was getting a huge birthday cake, it was a surprise! Mum and dad’s present to Bianca was taking her and her friends to Rainbows End. She was so excited!

On their way to Rainbows End they picked up Bianca’s best friends Mary and Lucy. First Bianca and her best friends went to ride on the roller-coaster for the first time! They all had butterflies in their stomach when they sat on their seats waiting for the rollercoaster to start.

As the roller-coaster started spinning Bianca felt like she was going to puke. She looked over to her friends, they looked like they were having the best time of their life!" Oh no there a curves ahead", Bianca shouted. Luckily Bianca past the curves safely and fortunately she didn't spew up during the ride!

It's Not A Haunted House After All!

It was a dark and scary night in our new house.  Everybody was asleep except for me.  I couldn't sleep because I wasn't comfortable in a big wide house.  Suddenly, I heard the door squeak open. The noise of footsteps went louder and louder as it was heading towards my room. I could see a shadow of a man coming closer and closer and again, it felt like it was heading towards my room.

I was really scared and horrified that I wanted to run to my parent's room but if I did I’ll be running into the man.  Instead of running, I hid under my blanket and hoped the man wouldn't find me.

I could hear him taking off his shoes at the door of my room. “Why should he take off his shoes, a scary  man would not listen to a sign that I wrote up saying please take off your shoes before you enter?” I had a feeling that it wasn't a scary man, I came out of my blanket and looked at who it was.  It wasn't a horrifying man after all, it was my dad! “Whew” I was relieved! “Afterwards I have a long story to tell dad”.