Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Te Reo Maori D.L.O

Mary and Asena DLO from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Lately we've been given a Te Reo Maori task. The whole senior block at Pt England School had to create a D.L.O (digital learning object) all about our karakia that we've been learning. Asena and I have created this video for the task, we hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Term 1 Reflection

“Wow! Where do I start.” P.E, Tech, Fiafia.....” This term has been amazing.” 1 term down, 3 more terms to go. Time is running so fast, it’s my last year at Pt England School and the time is nearly up!

Fiafia is the best part of this term! We've been having practices every week, getting ready for the big night. I'm in the Tongan group, Our tutor is Cindy Mapapalangi but when Cindy doesn't attend practices Mrs Jarman expects me and Asena to be tutoring our group for that day. It’s a privilege to  be teaching the Tongan group when needed, because I love being a Tongan and that means I love representing my family and culture out and about.

Triathlon! I hated events like triathlon  For P.E  each class in the senior block had to do the triathlon two times, no excuses! That means we had to swim, ride a bike and run around the field. I thought it would be the worst day of my life! I was really nervous as I was waiting with the girls in my class for our turn, all of my friends were telling me that it’s going to be alright. “I hope,” I said. Suddenly I heard Adrian call out for all room 20 student girls to line up behind the water slide, “Oh no,” I said! Because I didn't have a change of clothes I had to do 20 star jumps along with the others that forgot.
“Get ready set go!”Adrian shouted. “1, 2, 3................20.” we counted. then we ran around the water slide to the bikes, we each rode a bike around half of the field towards the end of the track. After that we were huffing and puffing as we ran around half of the field to the finish line. “YUSS!!” I finished the triathlon,” I shouted. I was really proud of myself, I'm glad I done it. I had thought it would be the worst part of the term but it wasn't so bad after all!

My set class for 2013 is room 20 and our beautiful teacher is Ms Squires. Every day we start with Literacy and writing in the morning, every group get given a independent writing and Independent reading task. I loved working on my independent reading task, but the only thing I didn't like is planning,  I just wanted to dig right into it! When I'm in a group with my friends for independent reading, I concentrate on our work, I'm always focused on finishing our task so we can work on  another task. I also love it when I get given an independent writing task, because I like writing narrative stories. Reading and Writing is my favourite subjects ever! I'm really proud of myself this term!

My goals for next term is to take some time to plan my actions before I go and do it, I also need to try and don't get distracted of others but listen to instructions that are told by the teacher or anyone else. Another goal of mine for next term is to try out things I don't like but have never done before, who knows it might be one of the best parts of your term!

Fiafia Is Coming!

"FIAFIA is coming, oh my gosh I can't wait!" On Thursday the 18nth of April Pt England School are having a Fiafia night, every kid that goes Pt England School is performing in their culture groups. Who wouldn't want to perform? Each kid's family will be attending on the big night to watch their beautiful son or daughter shine on the stage. Everyone in the Tongan, Samoan, Niue, Asian, Bollywood,  Cook Island and Hip Hop groups are going to be fantastic. Recently we have been taking practices every week with out tutor's. I believe everybody has been working       really hard for Fiafia night and our family's will be proud of us!  

Friday, April 12, 2013


Were Getting ready for Fia Fia Part 2!!!! from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

As our class and I walked into the hall, I could see different types of drums on the stage. “Yuss!! “The Cook Island group must be performing today,” I said with excitement.

After the duffy awards were handed out, I saw Ms Muliaumasealii walking out from the music room towards the stage. I knew it was the Cook Island group’s time to shine! I couldn't wait untill it started!
There were about six men on the stage getting ready to start. One man was beating the big drum, another man was beating a piece of wood that somehow was carved into a drum, a different man was drumming on another wooden drum and the others were drumming normal drum’s. The sound of the it altogether was satisfying.

Suddenly four girls came onto the stage doing a cook Island hula. The performance went from awesome to amazing! Kimberley and Turuhira were really brave to show their dance in front of the school along with two other girl's. Good on them.

My view of the performance was amazing, I was sitting right in front of the stage cause my name got called out for a caught being good, Duffy certificate with the others that was given one.  

At the end of the whole performance, everyone in the hall were giving the group  a round of applause. “That must have been one of the coolest assembly's ever!”