Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Sudden Attack

Every day me and my friend Lydia go exploring for objects to make instruments, we loved playing instruments but it wasn’t always easy to find things to make music out of. This day we were searching for more objects, during the search we saw a cave that looked like it was a great place to find objects to make instruments so we entered the cave. As we entered I stepped on a hard material as I picked it up it was an instrument that was already made by someone. Me and Lydia named it a flute because of the sweet and loud noise it made.

Suddenly we heard a rumble, we turned around to run away but it was too late the rocks already rolled down and blocked the way, it was a cave in. I heard people walking past the cave so I played the flute to see if they will hear it and get us out of the cave. All of a sudden I heard someone shout out if someone is in there, I replied and shouted out “Yes two people can you please get us out of the cave”. They were trying to get us out by moving the rocks with their hands but it didn’t work so they went to call the village to come and help.

They all ran back and tried their best to get the rocks out, suddenly it moved , one single move moved all of the rocks. We were saved!!

Alexander Dale Oen

We are reading about Alexander Dale Oen and how he died. He was a talented swimmer who competed in the London Olympics. The swimmer became a symbol of Resilience and Resurgence to his country, Norway.

It was a sad day when Oen dies suddenly from a cardiac arrest, during a pre - olympic training camp in Flagstaff, Arizona. He was 26.
Dale Oen one of Norway’s biggest hopes of winning a medal was found collapsed on his bathroom floor late and was pronounced dead at the Flagstaff medical center, it was still unclear of what lead him to a sudden cardiac arrest. We are all in shock!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oscar Claude Monet

Claude Monet is an very artistic artist. I like the way he mixes the colours
together to make a creative and a realistic artwork. Did you know he is one of the most famous artist in the history of arts, his works can be seen in museums around the world.

Oscar Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840. He was the second son of Claude-Adolphe and Louise-Justine Aubree Monet. On May 20, 1841 he was baptized into the local church parish. As years past his family moved to Le Harvre in Normandy.

Monet past away of lung cancer on December 5, 1926 at the age of 86 and is buried in the Giverny church cemetery, What a tragedy to the people who loved him.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art Alive

This term we are studying about Art and Patterns. Art Alive is all about how we can perceive artworks in different ways. I prefer to learn more about what the artworks mean when I look at it. Did you know that some people create art with a special meaning or a story about their life? I’m looking forward to studying art and patterns. Maybe I would have time to make one too.

Fortunately I do have time to make an artwork because this term I am focusing on Vincent Van Gogh’s art works and how he became an impressionist artist, because I like his paintings and drawings.

Vincent Van Gogh was an Impressionist, he was known as an famous artist for his brushed paintings and his wonderful work. Vincent Van Gogh’s life began on 30th of March 1853 and ended on 29th of July 1890. Van Gogh suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy as well as other mental and physical conditions. Vincent committed suicide by shooting himself in a wheatfield in Auvers, France but he did not die until 2 days past.

He was a painter who went from Holland to Paris and then the south of France. Gogh sold only one of his paintings before he died but soon became famous after he died because Vincent's brother’s wife collected Vincent paintings and letters after his death and dedicated herself to getting his work the recognition it deserved. Vincent Van Gogh painted about 900 paintings during his life but his first painting he sold was named the Starry Night, no one seemed to by his other paintings. From now on Vincent Van Gogh is an impressionist artist.

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