Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our Outrageous Camp

Packing my bags anxiously for “camp” made me think about how I couldn't wait for it to happen. All that I can think of is how priceless and charming camp is going to be. On the first day of camp, I was searching for my friends so we can see if we are all sleeping in the same tent. Once we saw that our names were together we were full of joy.

My group name was Respectorz, there were about 24 people in each group. The other group names was Respect Squad, Respect Crew, Team Respecters, Respectronics and Respectables. Every group was talented and amusing but entertaining people was what we were best at.

All the activities that we had was Kayaking, Table Tennis, Skating, Amazing Race, Box Fit, Zumba and cooking. Every day we went to the pools and had a little swim and afterwards a shower, that was one of my favourite highlights because it was refreshing.

Every morning we got up and done some Jump Jam, loads of people didn’t even stretch a muscle. I knew they haven't woken up properly and sometimes I am one of them.

At last in the final day of camp we went on the bus to the Pamure pools, "Swimarama". I was already exited because I knew it will be a Humorous day. "OMG the WARRIORS are here" everyone in the pool were cheering for them, as they are a national league team. I couldn't believe that Manu Vatuvei and Kevin Locke were here unfortunately Kevin Locke couldn't swim because he was sick. GO THE WARRIORS !!

Thank you to Athena for checking my work.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dr Ben Carson

Roots Dr Ben Carson is an amazing Doctor.



Duffy Theater

Walking Anxiously in the hall I couldn't wait until the Duffy theatre starts.

My favourite part was when Duffy and Scruffy came out and they saw the garage sale. After that Scruffy wanted to play with Duffy, then he said, “But, but Ma’a Nonu’s out there waiting for you.” Suddenly The Best Book in the World (Marvel) was in the box and Duffy saw it. The Best Book in the World (Marvel) was singing a beautiful song. Then Scruffy came to Duffy and said, “You have to play with me know, Piri Wepu is out there hurry up but he was lying.” Then it was Rocky’s birthday, he wanted to have a pirate birthday and the they fell and flew away then they rewind what they did in the beginning then they did the sail and the mast, and they were attaching it together and they never fell after that.

It was a cool Scene.