Thursday, November 24, 2011

Camp Benzon

It was allot of fun at camp benzon I was in team Mansion. I met lots of new friends their and new people. Our first rotation was on Thursday. Mansion B which I was in went kayaking first. Erren who was the Teacher of kayaking told us the instructions and what we are going to do. After that we got ready by wearing the right gear and the right foot wear. Swimming togs ready, water shoes ready and life jacket ready, shouted Erren yes we all replied.

Finally we worked together to get our kayaks and push it out onto the shore. Erren had to kayak of first so we can all follow her. After a while she called us to paddle with her so we got into our kayaks while remembering to get inside by putting your right foot in bum in and left foot in. As we all Paddled it was scary for some people and okay for the rest, but everyone loved kayaking. Favourite activities check!

Camp is only 80 dollars, the real cost is more then 100 dollars. That’s an opportunity for all year 6’s at Pt England School, so year 5’s you better go next year.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Visiting Saturn

Blasting of into space was frightening, I don't even know why I wanted to go there in the first place, in fact I did not even know what I was doing inside a rocket ship. Is this a dream or is this real life. "Ahaaaaaaaaaa" what am I wearing, am I wearing a space suit or some kind of bee protector, never mind unless I am safe! I wonder how the Aliens and planets will look like. Have you ever went on a adventure out in space? Well this is my first time and the problem is I don't know much about space!

As I switched of the engine the rocket ship landed on a planet with a sighn saying welcome to Saturn. I hopped of with my suit on to see what was there. Some parts was rocky and some parts were smooth, it was pretty. While spying for new stuff I saw rings around the planet. It looked so cool! Suddenly I felt a huge rumble, it forced me to run back into the rocket but before I stepped inside I woke up from a huge sleep. "Oh that was a relief"!