Friday, August 3, 2012

My Two Best Friends

Do you have best friends that are very complex? Well if you do this is a great story for you!
Having two very best friends isn’t always easy. They fall out - we fall out. They are in a bad mood - we are all in a bad mood. Today was no different but for the fact that I was leaving forever my two best friends didn’t know what to do without me.

This morning I walked over to school with Charlotte and Kathryn, my two best friends. I knew they were still thinking about stopping me from going to Australia but they wouldn’t tell me. While we were strolling to school, I asked them if they were bothered about anything. Their response was “of course not why would we have something bothering us”. I was so sure that their words weren't true so I refused about what they said and asked them again. This time their response was different. They admitted that they didn’t want me to go. I replied to them and said “I agree with you I really don't want to leave you or New Zealand, I know that every minute I’m at Australia I will always remember my experience here.” At that moment I knew I belonged in New Zealand with my two best friends so I decided to ask my parents if we could stay.

The next morning I woke up and went to have breakfast. Mum saw my deprest face so she asked me if I was alright. I replied and said “mum if I don’t want to leave New Zealand and go to Australia will you and dad stay with me”, “of course dear why didn’t you tell me” mum said. I was relieved that it was easy to ask her and happy that we weren’t leaving anymore. I couldn't wait to spread the news to Charlotte and Kathryn!!!!

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