Friday, June 14, 2013

Prospective Student

With his head held up high, John went on a treacherous climb  up the towering mountains. Muscles were aching, fingers were sweating and legs was shaking, but that didn't stop John from trying to reach the Dojo.  Struggling to hang on tight to the lofty peaks, John felt terrified. He started to doubt taking the journey to his dream, getting taught by the amazing master of Kung Fu. “Should I keep on going,” he thought to himself.

John pulled himself up and carried on with a lot of courage. After dangling for hours John finally made it to the huge Dojo. “Pheew,” he said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. He made his way to the massive door and knocked twice while his palms were sweating as he really exited to join the crew.

Suddenly the master of the Dojo came out and looked at John with his googly eyes like an owl. John didn't know what to do so he bowed down uselessly. The master pointed to the left and slammed the door with a thump. John’s heart was crushed but he didn't want to leave. He persevered and put everything to the strenuous climb just to reach the Dojo, he wasn't going to leave so easily so he meditated day and night to prove that he’s worthy. During his meditation he opened his eyes, just to see the master standing at the doorstep with his hand out pointing to the left again. John felt very sad so he walked away with his head down, even though John was feeling rejected he was very angry that the master didn't even care about him. He clenched his fist, scrunched up his eyes and walked back to the big door. 

With a lot of anger he fiercely kicked down the door. The master was standing right in front of him but John was really angry. John showed his kung fu skills and waited for the master to strike a punch but the master just stood there and looked at him like John was stupid. The master pointed to the left again but this time John looked to the left only to see that there was a sign saying use the left side entrance. John stood there and smiled at the master like an idiot.

Monday, June 10, 2013

What Is Diabetes?

Well I did't know so much about diabetes until this task was given. We watched a little video about how diabetes develop and how it is managed. Now I know more about diabetes and how serious it can be. 

What is diabetes?
Diabetes is a disorder in which is caused in different ways. One of the ways of getting diabetes is when a person has too much or less  glucose (sugar) in their blood. This happens either because the pancreas can’t make enough insulin or because your body cells don’t respond correctly to insulin.  Insulin works like a key to unlock the body cells so glucose can enter and give you energy.

How is it caused?
Diabetes occurs when you have too much or less sugar in your body, so you have to keep your health level at the right standard. Sometimes people get type diabetes from a family member that has experienced it, so it can run through the family blood.

How is type 1 and type 2  diabetes different?
Type 1 diabetes and type 2 are both bad but type 1 diabetes is the people who have really low blood sugar and type 2 diabetes is the people who has very high blood sugar.

People that doesn't make enough insulin has type 1 diabetes, this means when the pancreas can’t work the body can’t make any insulin and so the body can’t use glucose for more energy. This can make them really thirsty and very tired. They’ll probably lose weight because the body is starving. Their health will become low and it’ll lead them to really serious conditions like death if not treated correctly.

People with type 2 diabetes has too much sugar in the blood, the people who has very high blood sugar. Usually it’s those who are overweight that gets type 2 diabetes easily and it’s caused by eating too much junk especially junk food with lots of sugar in it.

What are the consequences?
There are many consequences to diabetes like heart failure, lung failure, blindness, it can cause a stroke and many more...

How is it managed?
Diabetes is managed by exercising every morning or once a day. Another way is to keep eating healthy food to keep your health at the right standard and there's more things you can do to control your diabetes.