Friday, August 3, 2012

Nature Or Nurture

What do you think makes a good athlete? I think that physical skills like flexibility and Endurance makes a person successful at sports as well as someone that has allot of energy and independence. People that have lots of courage, desire and determination can also succeed in sports.

“Here's a good athlete Mark Spitz”. Spitz was born in Modesto, California. He was a expert in the art of swimming, in fact he started swimming at the age of two! When he became 10 years of age, he was recognised as one of the best swimmers in the world at just the age of 10. 2 years later he won five gold medals at the 1967 Pan American Games and planted claim to ten world records.

Mark Spitz showed confidence in his talent, he now took on his challenge in the Olympic Games, winning six gold medals held in Mexico when he was 18. He won nearly every competition on his way to an Olympic return. As he won these events he broke and set new records preparing for the ultimate challenge at the Munich Olympics. Spitz was determined to win 6 gold medals he arranged for himself.
When the Munich games started in 1972, Spitz was ready to back up his claim. He did it in great style indeed. Not only was he able to win 6, but he won seven gold medals. He won every event while setting a world record in each.
Mark Spitz was only 22 when he won his gold medals but after the Munich games, he retired from swimming. In 1991 however Spitz tried to make a comeback in swimming.

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