Friday, March 22, 2013

The Derelict House

There we were, lost in the woods, there was a rusty old house in front of us, it looked scary we didn't want to go near it. We carried on walking but there was nowhere to go, big bushes were blocking the way. “Maybe we should go back to that house and search for help”, Jenny gasped. “ OK but if we get into trouble it’s all your fault”, I replied. As we were walking cautiously along the cracked path to the front door, we suddenly heard something rustling from above. I looked up and noticed a short tail poking out from the tree right next to us. “Phew lucky it’s just a dog”, I said.

Slam! the door shut behind us, as we crept through. Surrounding us were huge old portraits hanging over the fireplace. Stairs that sagged were missing some boards and the wall paper were torn as if a wild animal was once lived here. I told Jenny to look in the living room if anyone can help us while I look in the kitchen. Just when I was about to walk I saw a treasure box sitting at the corner with lots of spider webs on the wall, “Does it have to be over there, I said with a sigh. I went over to see what’s inside. “Oh My Gosh!” My jaw dropped, “Jenny” I shouted, “Jenny!” What happened”, she said as she ran towards me. “Look”. “Wow hhhhow did you-”, Jenny got interrupted. Suddenly we felt the whole house rumble. Lights flicked on and off and Bats swamped around the room. Creek! My heart beat started to increase. “Shh I’ll explain to you after but now we have to get out of here I think the house is going to collapse!” “Hurry let’s go!”................

Mary And Asena 3P's (Participation, Protection And Partnership

Mary and Asena 3 P's from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
Recently Room 20 at Pt England School have been learning about Participation, Protection and Partnership (3ps). Asena and I have created a movie to show you what we think about the 3ps. Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Stormy Day (Narrative)

 As I was struggling to walk along the sand,  the roaring wind kept on blowing against me as if I wasn't allowed to walk any further. I could feel the sand beating my face, it was stinging me like a bee.  Seagulls were huddling together while their feathers were being buffeted  by the wind. I looked up and noticed that everything was dull like the thunderous clouds in the sky.

Suddenly my hat blew away, I tried to tell my mum to catch it but all she heard was the howling wind snatching my words away. “Hey that seagull’s running away with my green hat,” I yelled. The soaring seagull flew off before my eyes, carrying my hat with it’s beak. “Oh no I've lost my hat forever,” I thought. That wasn't any old hat, it was given to me as a gift  from my best friend that recently moved away to Australia. Now I don’t have anything to remember her by.
Searching through the hazy fog to look for the stubborn seagull, I spotted a glimpse of bright green, floating along with the strong wind in the dark sky. I could see the green circle coming closer and closer. “It’s going to hit me,” I thought to myself. “Wait a minute, Isn't that my hat,” I said to my mum. “Yea It looks like it,” mum replies. It is my hat,” I screamed with happiness! I cached my it and put it in my bag so I don’t lose it again.

Finally we turned to go home. As we walked further to the parking lot we could hear the enormous waves pounding onto the sand. As we hopped in the car my goosebumps started to disappear because of the warmth of the heater. "Now were ready to go home," mum said.