Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Motivation Rock Climbing

Today my group (B1) was in Ms Squires class. We were given a task which was to write in different purposes. I got into a group with Alexandria and this is what we created.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Presentation Time

Recently the intermediate block has been split into groups of our reading ages, B1, B2, B3, A1, A2 and A3. As you can see B1 and A1 is the highest groups then down to B2, A2..... I am in the group of B1 and today we were with Mrs Langitupu. We were told to get into groups no more than 3 and then  pick a a topic question from the options that Mrs Langitupu made for us. Roezala, Alexandrea and I were together in one group and we chose the question of what is iron and why do we need it?

We done a little bit of researching to help us and then we put all the information that we know about iron and made it into a poster. I was really proud of what we had produced in 45 minutes. Afterwards every group had to present what we have done. As we watched the other groups present their presentation and writing I was getting a little bit nervous, some were good and some were average. 

Suddenly I heard my groups name get called out, it was our turn to present our poster to the rest of the B1 group. "Oh no", I thought to myself!

Should pit bulls be banned in NZ?

Should pit bulls be banned in NZ?
I really like pit bulls and I believe that they should not be banned in NZ! First of all pit bulls are the same as every other dogs and some people really do love them.

Second of all, loads of people have been complaining about pit bulls and there criminal ways but I think they are not criminals at all and the breed of pit bulls should not be extinct. One day people will find out that some pit bulls are kinder than other dogs. They can be vicious at times but that's when they are around people it doesn't know, it just needs to get to know you well and then it won't be scary as you think it is.

I think that the owners are responsible for the dogs attitude if they are aggressive or scary. Some owners are hit or smack their dogs and that activates their violent and defensive
side. If the owners really tried to look after a pit bull pit bulls wouldn't be wondering around causing trouble, it'll  be in full lock at home as a normal dog.

The Strikingly Strong Storm

It was a terrible and chilly Monday evening. The sky was darker than usual. Grey cloud’s were assembling above my head as if a storm was going to strike. The monstrously strong wind was howling as it was blowing the trees until it was stripped. My hair was blown everywhere by the blast of the wind, I  had completely lost control of my own hair! Suddenly I felt a small drip of water on my nose, followed with another drip of water. “Oh no!” I thought to myself. I knew it was going to rain so I rushed inside for warmth.

As the door shut behind me, the rain poured non stop as everyone who was playing outside dashed urgently for shelter. “Pheew, lucky I ran inside,” I said to myself.  “What a grim evening,” my dad said to me while I was making a warm hot chocolate for him. After I gave him his cup of hot chocolate we sat down and watched the increasingly tough wind ruin our garden. The rain was bucketing down which made  the yard muddy and wet.

Watching the rain ruin my beautiful garden was hard and kind of boring so I turned around and switched the channel from rugby channel to disney channel. A few minutes later I fell asleep on the couch with the remote in my hand. An hour went passed until I woke up with a fright because my mum was making dinner as soon as she got back from work, my mum is probably the only one who makes dinner so loud that it wakes me up.

I looked out the sliding door to see if the rain has made a stop for the day. “Yuss!!” It has finally ended,” I shouted.  My dad was outside placing everything to its rightful  place, it was a wreck! The petals of the flowers in my garden was everywhere. Some pots of roses were smashed, Leaves were  covering the amazing path way and some gnomes didn’t survive! “My Garden went from beautiful to junk, how can we clean up all of this?” I said with frustration.

My ego wanted me to stay inside and watch t.v but the other side of me wanted  to go outside and help my dad clean up. I grabbed the rake and started sweeping the leaves and the petals to one place while my dad was getting the old pots in the garage. My hands was where aching because of holding the rake but a little voice swiftly said “don’t worry Mary, once you finish cleaning this mess everything will turn back to normal.” “What was that,” I said out loudly.
My dad probably thought I was on the phone.

I kept on cleaning up everything that needed a fix and before I knew it, everything was spotless. As happy and cheerful as a clown I ran inside and turned on the t.v, I was just in time to watch the movie I've been waiting to watch for weeks.

Fractured Fairytale

Our group were in Ms Langitupu's class on Monday and we had to write a fractured fairytale with a partner. My partner was Rita this is what we wrote.

Written by Mary and Rita

Once upon a time there lived a pleasant, yet kind and graceful girl named Rose. She was an only child, and the only child her father could ever have, since her mother had passed away giving birth to her. She was the most strikingly feminine girl in her town, which caused her to become a main attraction at times. Rose on the other hand didn't like to be noticed. She kept herself humble, and kept her head low, so nobody would see her. But despite this, everyone noticed her.

She attended college and worked at a part time job as a pizza delivery girl. Her life was good. She was grateful for anything that fell her way. And on one specific day, while she was working, she was assigned to deliver to a house where no one hardly ever goes. A house known to be owned by a beast.

As Rose approached the large old fashioned mansion her palms began to sweat. Holding the pizza’s, she clenched one hand and made a fist ready to knock on the dusty door. But instead she used the doorbell. A loud chiming noise came from the inside of the house. Within seconds a beast appeared at the door. She didn't find him as scary as others would describe, instead she felt a warm feeling that she had never felt before. She gave him his pizza and was about to turn away when he spoke and said “would you like to stay for dinner?” She was pleased and decided to stay.

Rose not like other girls, didn't really mind the looks, but took most interest in what was on the inside.

His house inside was very nice. Things were set better than how it was displayed from the outside. Rose sat at the table with him eating. Things weren't as awkward as expected. But instead the both of them felt it, that warm nice vibe. “Well thank-you for coming inside to have dinner with me. My name is Princeton, and I don’t often have visitors.” “Well thank-you for letting me in. Tonight was nice and I had a nice time.”

As soon as she had finished she decided to be heading off. He asked her once again if he could see her for dinner the next day. She gladly agreed and left.

The next day came and she was called in for work again. Rose delivered to a house that was owned by 7 dwarves. Grumpy answered the door and kindly took the pizza’s and paid for them. Then he asked her if she wanted to stay for dinner. She gladly replied with no. Grumpy asked her one more time, hoping she’d say yes, but again she replied no. She was eager to turn and leave when BAM! It was pitch black, her face was covered with a black sock. She was screaming from shock.

‘HELP!” she screamed out once more before she could feel herself being dragged into the house. She kicked, and kicked, and kicked but nothing was useful. She then was slumped in the corner of a room, and given space. The mask was taken off of her and a blinding light was flashed into her face, she screamed, louder than her screams ever were before.

Princeton was dusting around the mansion, getting ready for Rose’s arrival, when he heard a familiar voice scream. He suddenly knew Rose was in trouble. He dropped everything and ran out the door to where the scream had came from. Meanwhile Beauty was still kicking and punching to try and escape, she was trying every fighting skill she knew but the dwarfs were just too strong.

to be continued...

Me And Asena's Storyboard