Monday, June 18, 2012

Solar Plane Completes The Mission Without Any Fuel

Not long ago, a solar plane which is only powered by the sun's rays flew from Switzerland to Morocco for the first time. It was a record for the distance a plane would fly using only Solar power. The plane's wings is covered with solar panels which twists the suns rays into electricity to power the Solar planes blade. In this flying machine was two pilots, Andre Borshberg and Betrand Piccard, Betrand Piccard is also the president CEO of Solar Impulse ,a company with engineers that made this all available. The engineers also built the Solar Powered Plane because their goal was to show that emissions -  free air travel is possible to do.

I think it is a great idea to build a solar powered plane so that when gas and fuel runs out we can use a` solar powered plane for air travel - free!

Thank you Vanila and Stevie

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