Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Sudden Attack

Every day me and my friend Lydia go exploring for objects to make instruments, we loved playing instruments but it wasn’t always easy to find things to make music out of. This day we were searching for more objects, during the search we saw a cave that looked like it was a great place to find objects to make instruments so we entered the cave. As we entered I stepped on a hard material as I picked it up it was an instrument that was already made by someone. Me and Lydia named it a flute because of the sweet and loud noise it made.

Suddenly we heard a rumble, we turned around to run away but it was too late the rocks already rolled down and blocked the way, it was a cave in. I heard people walking past the cave so I played the flute to see if they will hear it and get us out of the cave. All of a sudden I heard someone shout out if someone is in there, I replied and shouted out “Yes two people can you please get us out of the cave”. They were trying to get us out by moving the rocks with their hands but it didn’t work so they went to call the village to come and help.

They all ran back and tried their best to get the rocks out, suddenly it moved , one single move moved all of the rocks. We were saved!!

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