Thursday, May 9, 2013

The First day Of My Holiday

What a boring opening ceremony it was!
As I started to wake up for the first day of my holiday, my eye lids were forced to shut again, as if I did't sleep at all. My legs felt like I was running non stop all night! I was too lazy to stand up, brush my teeth and have a shower like what I usually do every morning. I was telling myself to stand up like about 10 times and finally I stood up and walked to the bathroom.

Since it was Friday I had to go to church with my parents, we have church on Friday nights and Sunday mornings. It was a really lazy start to my day but all the laziness was about to change. While we were heading off to church I looked at the time on my phone, it was only 5:00 and church starts at 7:00!"Mum, its only 5:00", I suddenly said. "Your kidding", she replied with shock. She turned back on the roundabout and "we'll go and eat at Mc Donald's first and then we'll go to church in time." She crossed over to the drive through at Mc Donald's, we waited there to order our food. Tic tock tic tock, we were there for a long time but eventually we were in the front of the queue ordering our meal. My mum ordered a      and I ordered a big mac combo. "mmmmmmm", after we ate our burger we went to church. No one was there but we waited until our church mates came.

Not long after, my favourite cousin Kamela and her mum arrived and we all went inside the church. Kamela's 14 turning 15, she study's at Auckland Girls Grammar school, the school that I'm attending next year. She's a really cool girl to hang out with and she's very funny, but the best thing I love about her is that we both like to pull funny pranks on our other cousins as well as friends. Kamela and I have many things in common like our family's are both Christians, we laugh a lot, we love eating at Burger King and more other kinds of things.

All through out church me and Kamela were listening to the preacher like we always do ;). "Amen", the preacher said after he said grace at the end of the story he read from the bible. Church was finished and Kamela really wanted me to sleep over her house for the holidays, I really wanted me to sleep over her house as well!! "I told you we had many things in common". I went over to my mum and asked if I could sleep over Kamela's house and she said yes. I was really happy and so was Kamela! So it wasn't a bad start to the holidays after all.


  1. Hello Mary,
    That was a really good writing you have wrote about your holidays. Good story Mary keep up the great work and never give up.
    Love from Moala

  2. Hey Mary

    I really love your writing about your holidays. Great story and great vocab.

    Keep up the great work.
    Cant wait for more post's


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