Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When I first got my Netbook

I feel so happy because it was netbook day. When Mrs Burt came in, I saw the boxes of netbooks I went that must be the netbooks in the boxes. I just felt like opening my netbook because it looked bran new.Then mrs Burt told us the instructions and we had to sighn this papper. Then Mr Burt had to talk to us do not touch the screen, and Mr Burt keeped talking to us and then Mr Burt stoped talking to us. Then it was time to open the netbook. Mrs Burt showed us how to open our netbook, then we had to copy Mrs Burt. Then we got to play some games, but mine went blank, because mine needed charging.


  1. I liked how you explained about Mr Burt having the korero.

  2. Hi Mary it is Te Rina
    I like your story about the Net Books thank you Mary keep up the good writing.

  3. Hi Mary it is me Mele i like your story about the net book and how you excplained about what Mrs Burt said about the korero.


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