Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My D.L.O Reflection

Roezala, Mary and Hope and Moala from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Last week at Creative strand was quite enjoyable. At first I pretty much thought that it was going to be boring, but it was exactly the opposite from boring, it was so cool! First I got into a group of three. Roezala, Hope and I. I knew that we were going to work well together from the start and guess what? I was right!! During all the sessions in creative strand, my group and I worked hard and tried hard to finish our movie in time.


Positives: I really enjoyed studying about the twin towers because I learnt more stuff about it especially things about the people that had passed away and the sad tragedies that took place on that exact day. I also liked working on this project because, the Twin Towers meant a lot to the people of America. It brought sadness in America when it was destroyed. Because we were making the movie from the kids perspective, our movie was sad and touching, another reason why I loved making this movie.

Minus/things to work on: Unfortunately, I didn't really like how some of my ideas for our movie didn't happen and some of the effects weren't on the original movie. I also didn't like the times when Roezala and I didn't really work well together, but we kicked that out of the way in the end and made a fantastic movie. We also could've improved in recording our song properly.

Interesting: There were a lot of interesting things that happened in creative strand, like how we learnt a lot of new things about creating a movie. Also we learnt, loads of different ways on making a awesome song together. Another thing I found interesting at creative strand was how much information and  knowledge we gained in just a week. I also found that my group and I really improved in our shooting skills, because our shooting angles were quite cool and it fitted with our movie.

It was really cool and awesome at creative strand, but I will always remember to improve in working together every time we are in Creative strand.

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