Monday, July 8, 2013

Should pit bulls be banned in NZ?

Should pit bulls be banned in NZ?
I really like pit bulls and I believe that they should not be banned in NZ! First of all pit bulls are the same as every other dogs and some people really do love them.

Second of all, loads of people have been complaining about pit bulls and there criminal ways but I think they are not criminals at all and the breed of pit bulls should not be extinct. One day people will find out that some pit bulls are kinder than other dogs. They can be vicious at times but that's when they are around people it doesn't know, it just needs to get to know you well and then it won't be scary as you think it is.

I think that the owners are responsible for the dogs attitude if they are aggressive or scary. Some owners are hit or smack their dogs and that activates their violent and defensive
side. If the owners really tried to look after a pit bull pit bulls wouldn't be wondering around causing trouble, it'll  be in full lock at home as a normal dog.

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