Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aussie Rules

Its a pleasure to have Pt England taught how to play an Australian Sport called AFL Aussie Rules. Some AFL players has gave up there time to teach us Aussie Rules and other games that's similar to it.

Thursdays every week our class and room 17 goes after morning tea to AFL Aussie Rules. Megan and Alisa is the names of the girls that teaches us. My favourite highlight is playing baseball with them but in a different way. The baseball we were playing was the same rules but you had to bounce it between every base you run to, also instead of bating the tennis ball you had to kick the AFL ball to your target. First Megan took my class and Alisa took room 17 to tell the instructions to us. While Megan was telling us the instructions I was so happy because it sounded really fun. Finally instruction telling was finished and we got into groups of two, I was in number 1.

As I stood in the line I was nervous but when I watched Everybody else do it I gave it a try. When it was my turn I giggled hilariously and then kicked the ball. As soon as I kicked it I Sprinted to the other base while bouncing the ball but it was too late, the other team had cached it. Disappointed and happy at the same time because I had a go I sat down at the back of the line. Mr Somerville which is our teacher in room 16 told us it was a tie so we all cheered as we went back to say bye to Megan and Alisa. It was allot of fun but it was more interesting to me because it was the first time I'eve played AFL baseball in my life.

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