Monday, May 2, 2011

Having an Awesome Holiday in Hastings

During my Holiday me and my family went down to Hastings to spend our holiday with my oldest brother. I was really glad to see him because I haven't seen him for ages. He looked so different that I didn't even recognise him standing at the airport, waiting to pick us up. They slept in a Town Lodge Motel and it looked really cool. There was a huge swimming pool at the back of it and it was so big. My brother told me I could swim in it whenever I wanted to. Saturday morning was my last day there, the 1st of May. My brother took me shopping for new clothes at the Mall, he is really kind. I was very happy that I got to see my brother again.


  1. Hi Mary,

    I am so glad that you got to spend time with you older brother. It sounds like you had a fun holiday.

    Miss Rogers

  2. hi Mary V
    soundes like you had a awsome holiday down at your brothers place!!!!
    That swimming pool looks nice to swim in, great story by the way I really liked it and have a lovely day.



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